Located in Bucks County
Southeastern Pennsylvania
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We take pride in the rabbits we raise and strive to maintain a happy, healthy
rabbitry.  Not all of our rabbits are perfect under the ARBA Standards, but they are
all here for a reason and have something to add to our breeding program.  We are
putting efforts into developing our own lines that fall under breed standards, but
this takes time and patience.

Just because we were never able (nor interested) in purchasing incredibly high
priced rabbits to start our breeding program with, we do carry some very nice lines
and enjoy the challenge of learning along the way by continuing to educate

Our main goal is to raise a healthy rabbit with a friendly temperament.
Now that we show on a small scale, we also strive to breed within the ARBA
Standards.   However, we may always have rabbits that don't have that perfectly full
pedigree, a hybrid here or there, or a rabbit that may not fall right into those
standards - this does not mean they don't have something to offer.

Bottom line, our rabbits are all our pets first.  We have enjoyed the families we have
met and the friends we have made along the way thus far, and look forward to more
of these relationships in the future.  If you do not like what you see here, then feel
free to move along...no harm done - we still appreciate you stopping by!

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